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  1. This was beautiful an sad, I'm so happy to get an update on these guys <3

  2. That was beautiful. Thank you!

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i cannot believe that we were so lucky to get this

    it really means a lot, right now, to get to read this

    thank you so much

  4. mr. steal your ears

    It's so wonderful. It's been a rough time, but little things keep popping up to remind me it'll be okay, and this is one of them. thank you so much.

  5. this was so gorgeous and potent. i loved being able to catch up with these characters! this was just what i needed, thank you.

  6. I'm gonna die, I am so happy to see my friends again T_T

  7. I never thought I'd get to see these characters again and gosh this was so lovely and beautiful. I love them all so much and I love this story so much.

  8. This hit me so hard. Thank you, Meredith.

  9. Wow 2017 was 4 years ago… and how much has changed! It was so wonderful to see these characters again and how much they've changed against the backdrop of the pandemic. Thank you for this Meredith!! <3

  10. It felt good to read a comic about people going through this like me, I don't always want escapism. Not comics with just some jokes about how much it sucks, but some real stuff about living life in bubbles.
    really, really small bubbles

  11. Thank you for this- still as timely and poignant as ever <3

  12. Thank you so much for this little peek into their lives now, Meredith… It feels kind of bittersweet! Seeing them go through what we do right now, their lives that are still a little messy in addition to that… There's also a lot of things here I feel like I don't understand, but I think that's to be expected. It was so different to read OP in my teens and then rereading it in my twenties… I can't wait to read this little epilogue again in a different time in my life.

  13. It felt good to read a comic about people going through this like me, I don't always want escapism. Not comics with just some jokes about how much it sucks, but some real stuff about living life in bubbles.

    1. THIS, a thousand times this

  14. What a fucking treat this was

  15. Octopus Pie had always been one of those pillars for me, something you could count on. Even when it was over it put on a rerun. It's great to see it again.

  16. What a wonderful surprise to catch up with these characters.

  17. A Big Old Skeleton

    Oh my god this is… this is beautiful! What a lovely thing to see where they all are now, especially the way Hanna and Larry fell into one another's orbit. Just… fantastic.

  18. Feels like a much more important extension of the ideas the comic presented than I initially expected at the start of this read. Really love how the characters stress about relationships while still maintaining what they choose, showing that it hasn't gotten harder and only seems that way. Also love everything else of course. Really great stuff 🙂

  19. Wow. Just wow. This was beautiful.

  20. what a gift. what a gift

  21. Thank you Meredith.

  22. Hey,

    A couple years ago, I said hi to you at SPX, bought a book, and stammered about how cool it was to meet you, because of how much reading Octopus Pie helped me. I found it practically months after it ended, and I didn't have half the life experience of the characters within. But the way their lives wove together, how they figured things out together (or apart), how it was a loving mix of sad and happy and profound… I could feel their experience imparted onto me, and whenever that happens I deeply appreciate it.

    It's almost 5 AM, I'm in the middle of an all nighter, I found out you'd uploaded this and came straight away. I'm about to graduate in a month. I still don't have much life experience. I'm terrified of the future. But looking into this world again, seeing the way you deftly design its emotional path, seeing the level of sincerity and truth you put in… it made me breathe easier. The real world sucks, and I will love it.

    I'm sorry for never sending a follow-up email. I'm grateful you're still creating. Thank you.

  23. I'm not crying you're crying.

    Thank you for this

  24. Thanks for this, Meredith. Octopus Pie has always been just slightly in the future for me, life-wise. This update gave me exactly the same feelings as reading along the first time.

  25. OMG this was incredible. Thanks for making Octopus Pie and thanks for making this epilog. It has meant so much to me.

  26. Nearly 5am here too, just read the whole epilogue or whatever this was. So beautiful. I can sleep happy now if sleep decides to come at all. Glad you went realistic pandemic, not seen anyone else doing it in my many feeds. Thanks Meredith <3

  27. thank you so much for this meredith. i’m now the age that eve, hanna, and everyone else was when octopus pie first started. as a young teen reading for the first time, all the friendships and jokes that filled the original chapters of the story brought relief to a kid who wasn’t ready to really be alive yet. in the places we are now, reading this update felt like hanging out with an old friend.

    1. Same sentiment here exactly. Lots of love for your work, felt lots of emotions reading through this. The feeling will linger with me for a while.

  28. Thank you for this! 🙂

  29. Wonderful to see where they all are and have a glimpse into the lives they have been having while I have been having my own.

  30. Thanks for giving us a little more time with these wonderful characters, and helping make this insane ongoing moment feel a little more shared, a little more communal. This story was a real treat.

  31. This is so so so so good.

    I'm stone cold sober but emotional in the way I don't usually get without a couple beers. What a journey, what a gift. What a comic. It just kept going! And it's so. so. good.

    Thank you

  32. Thanks, Meredith. This was the best unexpected gift 2021 has given so far. Thanks for giving us some more time to spend with these characters and see how they've grown. All the stuff with Gwen and pregnancy and envisioning disaster hit extra hard because it's so true. And I still don't know WTF you're supposed to do with receiving blankets.

  33. Catching up with this story made me so happy, even while I was blinking away tears. Thank you Meredith, you spoil us <3

  34. Beautiful. Thank you so much for this timely gift.

  35. This is just the greatest! Can you please keep updating us with these little windows into OP every few years?

  36. You remain one of the all time greats Meredith. You ability to capture the feeling, the truth of things with just a few words is unmatched. Those two pages with Eve in the playground is just so damn real. Talking about the fear, the impossible decisions, but also trying to give away kid stuff at the same time… that hit me hard.

    I needed this today. Thank you.

  37. OMG, this was amazing. All the characters are so perfectly themselves and so perfectly of the time. Thank you.

  38. So grateful for your amazing work! Please keep making comics!!! Also, you might enjoy the philosophy of Martin Buber.

  39. Somehow I missed all these updates when they were initially uploaded, but I'm so happy to see them!

    Thanks, Meredith – you're still the best! ??

  40. Aw jeez, somehow this whole thing had gone past me until I saw the tweet about the print version today! Thank you for this Meredith, it made me so, so happy in a time I really needed it. Feels just like meeting friends after a long time, I hadn't even realized how much I'd missed them :')

  41. Years from now, if anyone asks what living through this time was like, I can just point them in the direction of this comic. It captures the past year and a half perfectly. And offers a beautiful window into the lives of the characters, who feel more real than ever, having lived through the pandemic with us.

  42. What a treat. Thank you. I missed everyone

  43. rereading this again in the middle of my first love/ long-term relationship and i am overcome with tears.

  44. Incredibly, as a millennial, and a huge fan of web comics from the late 90's to the late 2000's – Octopus Pie (somehow) passed me by.

    I've just read the whole thing in a week and I am absolutely bowled over by the quality of the art, the writing, the jokes. THE COMPOSITIONS. Sweet merciful lord – how good some of the layouts are!

    This whole thing is just an incredible, almost peerless achievement.

    I better go buy Perfect Tides! (and when I get paid, all the OP books!)

  45. I feel like the last few panels speak to my emotional experience a lot. This was excellent! I honestly can’t get enough of all these characters.

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