#362 – to disappear

Again I find myself longing for a better establishing shot on this page. I'm also very peeved by the accidental continuity between two foreground objects in panels 1 and 2. Art teacher me would butcher this page. But the dialogue I like. It moves things forward while really suggesting that Eve and Park see things differently, and are still avoiding the matter at hand. "Frontwards" is a Pavement song, for those of you born in the 2000s or 1960s.

2 thoughts on “#362 – to disappear

  1. Living in Pittsburgh, I had to read panel 3 several times to believe it. A shout out in OP! Wow!!

  2. I don't know how many people are rereading this
    (I'm still mourning the end of octopuspie) and looking forward to your comments while not commenting, like me. So I just want to say I'm really enjoying this perspective on the strips, Meredith. You're an incredible storyteller.

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