#355 – afraid of aging

27 thoughts on “#355 – afraid of aging

  1. You're older than you've ever been and now you're even older…

    And now you're even older…

    and now you're even older…

    1. And now you're older still (dun duuuuh)



  2. Wow. I actually snorted at the last two panels.

    1. That's funny because I gasped the last two panels. 😀 In happiness, I mean.

  3. This is the first hint that Victor actually understands English. Until then, I wasn’t sure.

    1. Mm. Yes.

  4. The suspense is killing me.

    After all, you couldn't really draw him any older than you do already.

  5. V is self-insulating? That explains a lot. But in panel 3 of 353, he does appear to give his one-and-only shiver.

    1. Looked like a shrug to me. Maybe he's just incredibly well acclimated to the weather.

    2. I thought he was stretching.

    3. I also thought it was a shrug, in response to Eve saying that no one wanted to hear her complain. Like he was saying, "whatever, but i don't mind" kind of thing.

  6. I half expected something to happen.

  7. …man…I totally read the hovertext as "Victor farts: Victor is self-insulating" at first…good thing I re-red that…

  8. THis is the first evidence I've seen that Victor actually speaks English and isn't just some guy who wandered into their house.

  9. Heh, guess I wasn't the only one.

  10. There's some really heavy foreshadowing in this comic. Really top notch stuff.

  11. he doesn't have eyes!…sorry but if someone didn't say i was probably gonna crap out my own brain

  12. Hey Merek, fun fact: *NONE* of us is getting any younger…

  13. Dr. Phileas T. Fragg

    I wondered about Victor since I saw him next to Eve in her heavy coat. Thanks for clearing that up.

  14. I totally can't wait to be old either! Old people are the kickassinest.

  15. Marek is very lovely and I really understand why ladies pay 600$ for that date with him. So laid back.

  16. WHERE did he come from? I have to know… I have to.

  17. Victor is not Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres. Good thing to have that cleared up, I'm sure I wasn't the only one wondering.

  18. *is impossibly charmed*

  19. Intersting Beaver

    Well, hmm, technically he's now older by a bunch of seconds?

  20. "Victor is self-insulating" You know, I was about to ask…

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