#339 – meow

The End! Stay tuned for another site update later this week! (a.k.a. before Halloween)

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  1. hah! that last panel is great. i'm glad you're back again. 🙂

  2. … Poor Eve

    I hope things work themselves out

  3. Yeah, that's life. Zoom past your fears, then a crazy cat knocks you flat out.

  4. That last panel actually had my laughing pretty hard for a bit there. Excellent comedic timing.

  5. This comic is like Christmas.

    1. Definitely just like Christmas. 🙂

    2. seriously. I was giddy last night

    3. Holy cow it IS like christmas!

      I loved this arc 😀

    4. i feel like it's thanksgiving and i've eaten too much pie. this is a wonderful arc and i can't hardly wait for the next installment.

  6. Clearly Eve should just be on a bike all the time.

  7. puts a smile on my face 🙂

  8. Thank you very much! I really loved this storyline.

  9. break on through to the other side!

  10. Loved to see new stuff, and just now I've realized that Eve's name is EveNing. Yes, I'm that slow.

    1. You just made me realize her brothers name is MorNing.. :'C

      Anyways, I had about the same reaction as Eve in the last panel expect I was laughing. 😀

      1. i knew eve was Eve Ning, but i didn't realize until just now that her brother was Mor Ning… i'd been wondering if he was Rushmore, why they called him Mor instead of More. it all makes sense now! ahaha

  11. I just teard up

  12. Wow, amazing arc. I think the "zoom" page is my favourite one. Echoing the "well worth the wait", but I already am anxiously awaiting continuaition……. 😀

    OctoPie updates are like Christmas. Like a miniature, more frequent Christmas.

  13. Hmm makes me wonder how she thinks of relationships. Seems the vulnerability of opening herself to someone makes her feel helpless, like thats what she equates to relationships to. Interesting stuff.

  14. Aw, that is adorable. Definitely worth the wait, great job! 🙂

  15. Such a perfect ending.

    Totally worth the waiting! It always is!

    (and I missed seeing you at SPX! noooooooo~)

  16. Totally agree about the Christmas part. Love the last panel! Cats are extremely scary, especially if they are black cats.

    1. All cats are black in the dark…

  17. this was a really lovely storyline. It made me sad, but was very well done. TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT

  18. Great great great as always! Looking forward to more!

  19. Yes. This comic was worth waiting for. And it's just like a cat to wait til you feel completely secure to jump out and be a cat.

  20. Fuckin' beautiful. You have the gift.

  21. Eve is right to be scared. If 80s horror movies have taught us anything, it's that the killer always waits until three seconds after its victim has been scared by a cat. Of course, that means you only have to get scared of the cat if you get scared of the cat… gah, what have I done?

  22. The time you took off to focus on fleshing out this story really payed off. I'm really, really impressed with this. It's one of the most mature (in a good way) storylines I've read in a while, and I enjoyed every page of it, even the more somber ones. Thank you and well done! Keep it up! (long time fan first time commenter, sorry)

  23. Welcome back, Mer!

    Once again, you've done outstanding things with this groundbreaking publishing format.


  24. Totally worth the wait Mer!!

    You just made my day so much better 🙂

  25. God, please dont let this ever end.

  26. I look at this one and all I can hear is:




  27. Sweet. Worth the wait. Looking forward to the book of books!

  28. My Facebook status yesterday was all about how I needed more Octopus Pie or I was going to die. Thanks for saving my life, Mer!

  29. I really love Eve's long hair. Reading for so long, it kind of took me by surprise in this story arc. Sort of how it is with the people you see everyday. One day you suddenly just go "whoa, you've changed!" I love that I got that feeling from a Web Comic! =)

  30. Ahahahahaha. CAT. Excellent

    Also: that is exactly how fear operates and I totally dig how you gave it monstrous sentience. Fear is a bitch, dadgummit.

  31. Man, I have just been struggling with this exact issue! Moving to a place where you can't really walk alone at night after always living in a bigger, safer city, I really relate to Eve's empowerment through riding bikes!. F yeah!

  32. I don't think I've ever seen an "Empowerment-vapor-trail" before!

  33. I actually had a moment like that once, but it involved a late shift during the summer,slightly open car window, and an alley cat who had somehow slipped into said window, hidden in the shadow of the dashboard, and decided to make a break for it when i opened the car door. And that was how I learned to use one swear word as all major parts of speach in a single sentence.

  34. So, Fear is a game of LightCycle?

  35. Cheers, to the growth of Eve! (personally, not medically)

  36. michelle4jerusalem

    Old Mr. Johnson had troubles of his own

    He had a yellow cat which wouldn't leave its home

    He tried & he tried to give the cat away

    He gave it to a man going far, far away


    But the cat came back the very next day

    The cat came back, they thought he was a goner

    But the cat came back, it just couldn't stay

    Away [you can either combine this with the line above or make it its own line]

    The man around the corner swore he'd kill the cat on sight

    He loaded up his shotgun with nails and dynamite

    He waited & he waited for the cat to come around

    97 pieces of the man is all they found


    He gave it to a fisherman with a dollar note

    Told him for to take it up the river in a boat

    They tied a rope around its neck, it must have weighed a pound

    But they had to drag the river for the fisherman was drowned


    He gave it to a man going up in a balloon

    He told him for to take it to the man in the moon

    The balloon came down about 90 miles away

    And where he is now I dare not say


    He gave it to a man goin' way out west

    Told him for to take it to the one he loved the best

    First the train hit the curve, then it jumped the rail

    Not a soul was left behind to tell the gruesome tail


    The atom bomb fell one bright summer day

    Then they dropped the H-bomb the very same way

    Russia went, England went & then the USA

    The human race was finished without a chance to pray


  37. Just. Wonderful. This latest batch gave me tingles.

  38. Goddamnit! I started reading this comic barely a three days ago and I ploughed the whole 339 comics archive already??

    Now I have to WAIT to see how this storyline ends? Unbearable!

    Also, awesome comic. Love it.

  39. I was looking through my old favorites links in the folder marked "hasn't updated in ages check at some random time in future" and saw a link for the old strip Skirting Danger, but alas it had disappeared, so on the off chance it had moved to another site to google I googled and then to wikipedia, and then to here! And through the archives I have just gone, until this one where the next button was shockingly not anywhere to be seen. curses. Now off to eat some cheese and bread.

  40. I really like the way the fear lines become speed lines! The art continues to be awesome. Also, Marek.

  41. Aww, a nice, feel good wrap up to an emotional rollercoaster of a story arc! Great visual representations of Eve's breakthrough throughout!

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