#337 – going home

11 thoughts on “#337 – going home

  1. I don't have a good feeling about what Eve said in the last panel…

  2. Home IS where the doormat is

  3. So, is Eve going home because she needs to pack her stuff? Or is that supposed to mean that everything she needs is in her home, in New York City?

    I like how you left it ambiguous.

  4. alt-text made me smile 🙂

  5. He would've done better to let her think on it rather than offer, she knows the options.

    Now he's forced her into confronting a different fear (dependence on him). Not smart.

    Course, you never *see* the stupid things *you* do…

  6. oh my god GoodBurger reference

  7. I really like how it looks like Park was holding her hand there, but in the next panel, she's completely withdrawn.

  8. Don't go! Marry me instead, Eve! Hehe…

  9. This is one of the few comics where Park looks more vulnerable that she does.

  10. Eve was right to leave. Park didn't even consider once to ask if he should take it, which means he isn't into the whole partnership thing. He just assumed that no matter what Eve's world would naturally revolve around him, and she was just another thing to be possessed. He never considered that their relationship would revolve around each other, as Eve sees it.

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