#320 – where are my keys

I like the effect of these darker tones here, not in regular rotation for me but they worked well. Looking back at all this, I chose not to assign any kind of gendered signifiers to the "fear creature", but there is definitely a male attacker/male defender aspect to Eve's fear fantasy that I wanted to allude to. I'm not sure how that reads.

3 thoughts on “#320 – where are my keys

  1. I know that feeling!

  2. Really really good page here

  3. It reads so perfectly to me. The root of all my fears, my fear of the dark and my fear of walking alone, walks a strange line between childhood fears of monsters and the unknown, and the ever-present classic adult woman fear of a male attacker. Like so many other moments in OP, this the only time I've ever seen a particular personal experience of mine represented. <3

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