#312 – beating the heat

Another page where the goal was to save time and do a quick one-shot, but I ended up doing way more work coming up with individual gags. But that was more enjoyable. I tell my students to follow their pleasures under a work deadline - sometimes (for me) it's easier to be creative in a dozen varied ways than in 1 specific way.

18 thoughts on “#312 – beating the heat

  1. Love the air conditioner that fell out of the comic.

  2. How ironic that this strip should come up when it did.

    Edit: I'm not sure ironic is the right word.

    1. In cold times you might expect comics about cold, but this is about heat. That's perfect irony!

      1. Arguably, this may be just a funny coincidence (I've heard all the knocks on Alanis Morrisette's song).

  3. Does the Bart Simpson quote say something? It's slightly too small to make out.

    1. Presumably "Don't have a cow, man."

    2. Looks like "Don't have a cow, man" to me, which would match with the era of that kind of shirt.

    3. Probably "Don't Have A Cow, Man!"

    4. I think it just says don't have a cow, man but it's too tiny to make out for sure.

    5. It looks like it probably reads "Don't have a cow, man!" or, if it's a gag, something that looks enough like that phrase that I think it says "Don't have a cow, man!"

  4. I love the Miles Davis joke! Even after having read this comic for at least three times already, I still notice new funny details

  5. Hahaha, when I worked in a supermarket I too used to go into the walk-in freezer in the storage area to cool down on hot days.

  6. What is Will bathing in?

    1. Ice cubes, baby!

  7. yet another example of how Will is simply the best

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