#302 – unfathomable

I was very much into Pitchfork (without admitting it, as is the way) in the mid-00s and all things indie snobbery. This was unfortunately a popular year for vests. This page is a bit of foreshadowing for a future complication between Marigold and Hanna! At the time I didn't think too much of it, I was just shaping the idea that Mar was fully Hanna's bitch, for better or worse.

7 thoughts on “#302 – unfathomable

  1. IIRC this also foreshadows the brilliantly ambiguous "memory erasing baked good" thing …

    Strangely enough I can't remember whether it was a cookie …

    Or whether they really worked …

    Also I appear to have had some …

  2. The better question is:
    Did Park like Marek?

  3. BrOwN-oUt BiScUiT

  4. Brownout biscuit….OH DEAR. And that smile on Hanna's face….wow. It definitely does look like Marigold is Hanna's bitch…

  5. The exchange about averaging out to a person who likes Park has, for whatever reason, stuck with me since the first time I read it, years ago. Good stuff.

  6. I also love how early we’re getting set up for the “brownout biscuit” in this strip.

  7. many ideas were laid out here

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