#281 – put a lid on it

...And with a quick caption, the story comes to an end. I'm relieved for my past self, honestly. There was too much else to do. I had the good fortune of always allowing OP to be carried by my changing whims, and dwelling on a single story for an idea I no longer believed in would've changed my relationship with the comic. Onward to bigger things!

6 thoughts on “#281 – put a lid on it

  1. Mothers: never throw anything out, no matter how much you beg them. Mine still has some cassette tapes my brother and I used to play DJ when we figured out how to record radio (something about pushing down the button halfway and then hitting another one to lock it in place. Definitely not intended behavior). I'm sure they'll surface if I ever run for office or something.

  2. Parents! Just hoardy enough to keep this but somehow still able to find it on demand.

    …well, my parents are like that, anyway.

  3. I gotta admit, panel 4 I initially thought they were seeing their psychiatrist. But it's a little early for that.

  4. Panel 5 — a Dawning realization?

  5. Ah yes, the pre-internet era, where you watched whatever was on television and didn't have all these streaming services and DVD/Blu-ray box sets. There were tapes with two whole Star Trek episodes!

  6. Starting to think there might be a reason Mor doesn't bother to show from this story onward. He will be missed.

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