#273 – magazine renewal challenge

I was very much in transit when I drew the pages in this story. I had just moved to Oregon and was immediately off to Seattle for a show. At the time I did my inks over a separate page of pencils, and a few of these pages were drawn over a lightbox stacked precariously on top of a suitcase. I don't exactly miss living this way, but it was an exciting time where my art felt the most portable, like something I could carry and show off anywhere I went. The world was my internet.

7 thoughts on “#273 – magazine renewal challenge

  1. I don't understand Supermarket Sweeps that well–why does Eve have a head start?

    1. She probably won it in the question round or something.

    2. IIRC she would be ahead from the question round, where you earn time for getting answers right.

    3. Since Eve has a head start, it's implied that Mor won the trivia round that wasn't shown.

      1. ahh thank you! That makes sense, I just didn't realize that was how it worked.

  2. So I imagine that rollover text is supposed to be disappointing to those who find it, but for me, it just enlightened me to the fact that Supermarket Sweep is an actual show and not just a silly gag designed for this comic.

    1. You can watch on YouTube. Honestly, this news helps explain how incredibly awkward the show felt. Because when the host is taking to contestants, it’s just silence in the background. No chuckling, etc.

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