4 thoughts on “#27

  1. Love the 4th-wall-breaking moment here.

  2. Breaking the 4th wall in your old age, Eve? I guess I, too, have become more genre-savvy.

  3. Im' starting to refer to things happened recently as "happened just two panels ago" from this precise moment on.

  4. The punchline on this page is great, but I really love the moment that carries over from the previous page, where Gwen interacts with her kid. You have that moment sometimes with old friends who are parents now, where you can see hints of their parents in the way they talk to their kid while also seeing the contours of this incredibly intimate, unique relationship that has come into being between now and the last time you talked.

    (Also, love Gwen just casually breast-feeding in the middle of the conversation while telling Eve she will get used to making her own needs a secondary priority. Gwen has earned so many levels in Mom.)

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