#243 – perfect for sledding

February is just around the corner. Time to get a jump on romantic things! Octopus Pie valentines are here for that awkward someone in your life: valentines! valentines! valentines! valentines! valentines! There is a very short pre-order period of about a week on these, so keep your inbox peeled and they will arrive in plenty of time for your special assortment of dates.

11 thoughts on “#243 – perfect for sledding

  1. There is nothing wrong with the Urban clearance rack!

  2. I have been reading this comic since last night, off and on. It is only after spending hours and hours on this (admittedly very entartaining,well written, and expressive) comic that I see the pun in Eve Ning. Sigh . .

    1. For some people, it takes months or even years to notice. 😉

      1. 3 years for me. And I needed another comment to tell me about it.

        1. And Mor Ning!

          it all makes sense

          i can die happy now

        2. There gonna be a character named Bur Ning, I can feel it. And the character MUST have experience in pyrotechnics!

        3. Back Flipsimmons

          I got the Eve Ning, but just now Mor.

  3. Hannah's knowledge of obscure vinyl records is explained in "Who Are Parents?" I love the way the strip parcels out these character details over multiple arcs.

  4. so i'm convinced this is better written than scott pilgrim. you win meredith. you win.

    1. oh, by far. It is MUCH better.

  5. To be fair, neither Octopie nor Scott Pilgrim is anything like any other comic I know.

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