#241 – time-lapse feature

I consider myself a very lucky creator that the most controversial topic among OP's readership seems to be the length/existence of Marek's beard. There are two very opinionated camps who are sad or delighted when it has appeared or disappeared. Myself, I am in neither camp. The reason the characters' hair lengths change is as arbitrary as physical changes on anyone you know. Sometimes Marek decides not to shave when he probably should. Then he gets sick of it one day and it's gone. Much like the more fashionable leftovers in your fridge.

7 thoughts on “#241 – time-lapse feature

  1. No problem with the beard — but where are his eyes?

    1. marek never has eyes, with or without a beard XD.

  2. This really is the life and times of my beard as well. About the same size. I'd like to see it get a bit bigger once in a while, like right before a shave.

  3. You know, I really do love seeing how these two act in their own relationship. Thanks for showing it a bit more. C:

  4. I'm in the fanofmarek'sbeard camp

  5. rereading OP and this is moving me to tears. thankyou meredith, everything is beautiful and sad and amazing and REAL

  6. Hanna really is my favourite character in all of this. Even when she's being awful.

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