#235 – it’s your birthday

I'm a fan of restaurants that write their own birthday themes and you should be too. Can't talk now, gotta do a million holiday errands! Have a good weekend!

11 thoughts on “#235 – it’s your birthday

  1. this page is one of my favourites. Just…everything about it is so wonderful.

    I would love to be sung at at a restaurant on my birthday.

  2. I must applaud the sudden switch from "gleeful song-masters" to "surly waitstaff". This is how it happens. I have done this.

  3. I love how the singers look all pissed like " I hate my job" at the end XD lawl

  4. i. love. her dad's expressions in this. so much. can't talk. in complete. sentences. <3

  5. oh, and also the line at the end. "now who told them it was my birthday?"

  6. This is just adorable. Her Dad just makes me want to hug him.

    Also, the Happy Birthday song is actually copyrighted, so to get out of paying for the rights to use it, restaurants typically make up their own songs or chants.

  7. I'll be real, embarrassing the hell out of people by singing happy birthday to them loudly in public is one of the very few perks of the restaurant food service business.

    1. Do you ever bribe people to have them tell you it's an annoying customer's birthday?

  8. I love their dad!!!!!

  9. Show place ice cream parlour in Long Beach Island is a great place to get your birthday, the super massive ice cream bowl add a bit to the fun too I must say. 🙂

  10. 8U

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