#232 – jersey and long island

Nobody ever really pointed out (or noticed?) how casually Mor calls his sister a bitch here. It honestly seemed appropriate given their proximity to childhood and a lack of parental attention. I find it a little shocking to use that kind of language on a sibling now, but 10 years ago I did not, and maybe you don't either??

12 thoughts on “#232 – jersey and long island

  1. I don't think it seems too weird, I know my friend and her brother use that kind of language to each other all the time (in a joking way, of course), even though my sisters and I would never talk to each other like that since we weren't allowed to curse at all lol
    But it definitely makes sense that Eve and Mor would do that given their relationship to one another and their parents.. it's interesting to think about!

  2. Would this be something you’d change for future print? I know you’ve changed other things

  3. Upon rereading this time, the "bitch" really stuck out to me; I was actually hoping you'd comment on it so…thanks! I honestly never noticed it before, so weird!

  4. Fasten your seatbelts! AT ONCE!

  5. “Quiet bitch” just made it seem like they were so close that Eve and Mor could just endearingly sling catty remarks at eachother like that without batting an eye.

    Besides, going by this comic: http://www.octopuspie.com/2008-01-02/091-oooh/
    Mor probably learned all his swears from big sis!

  6. I'm super close to my siblings and we shoot vulgarities at each other all the time! I took it as a sign to show how close they were too. People are missing out if they dont have someone they can swap insults with

  7. Does Mor call Eve "Ev", as in how the start of Everest actually sounds??

  8. My sister and I call each other bitch. "NBD" as they say.

  9. I think it makes sense to show how close people really are. With my really close friends I'll call them horrible things all the time, it's a sign of closeness, haha.

    Also, I fucking HATE when people are like "I have big news to tell you, I'll tell you later".

  10. Honestly, I couldn't imagine throwing a four letter word at my brothers, even in jest, unless a dangerous-to-my-person level of alcohol was involved. It's just not my personality.

  11. My sister and I call each other bitch all the time. It's pretty much a term of endearment at this point.

  12. I love the leaning on the window in panel four

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