#230 – hello cookie muffin

Some of you have probably noticed I've been behind on paintings. An unfortunate result of work as we know it! But if you're itchin' for a painting, I will be posting a few tonight (Monday). So check back!

12 thoughts on “#230 – hello cookie muffin

  1. Crustimoney Proseedc

    Ahahaha… good work, Eve.

  2. i wonder if 'Mor' is short for Rushmore. regardless, lol at MorNing + EveNing

    1. greatest. joke. evar.

    2. My God, it's brilliant! (And oddly obvious, but it went over my head until I read your comment.)

  3. Haha! It's a boss.

  4. I'm reading this for the first time due to Kate Beaton writing about it on tumblr and I'm loving it! Dunno why it took me until #230 to comment, but hey ?‍??

    1. Total same! I've never heard of this before and just read Kate Beaton's post yesterday. Now I'm 230 in and aiming for 9 more years worth of material. This is awesome.

      1. 9 years?? My aptitude for binging is going to be seriously tested

      2. i read kate beaton's post and realized i never actually finished this, so now that it's done i've started over.


  6. Mor Ning and Eve Ning

    Just how much can you hate your kids?

    1. Their full names are Rushmore and Everest. I think it's pretty cute.

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