#226 – floating away

It was very cozy to do a little Thanksgiving comic at the same time people were home watching TV and cooking with their loved ones. Unfortunately I don't think this comic reads in the correct panel order, with Eve's realization meant to be the 4th panel. Another sad limitation of the horizontal page.

4 thoughts on “#226 – floating away

  1. As someone used to reading vertically even in a horizontal page layout (two page spreads in manga?), I parsed the correct panel order by default. The spacing really makes all the difference. I think you're not giving yourself enough credit for that.

  2. It's really interesting seeing this panel in context with the eventual move to vertical and scrolling pages. Your wonderful way of using the vertical space stands out despite the awkwardness of it's compression into the horizontal page. I can imagine how this might have been laid out differently if you had been using vertical back then, and it just highlights how cool that transition was when it happened.

  3. For what it's worth, I read her realization moment as the fourth panel.

  4. watching a charlie brown float away from the thanksgiving parade

    now dats new york

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