#225 – not too creative

A quick explanation for those who didn't grow up in the US: The peanut gallery is watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is customary to eat a bowl of cereal at your mom's house and pay half-attention to the parade in hopes of mishaps. It is good times. A few things: -I am looking for an intern. Please read my post about it if you're interested! -I'm sorry, but only somewhat sorry, that the original paintings are selling so quickly. Thanks and congrats to those who've snapped 'em up so far! To those who keep missing them, you may want to subscribe to my Twitter feed, where I announce the new paintings as they go up. Have a safe and happy holiday, US Americans!

4 thoughts on “#225 – not too creative

  1. Haha, Panel 4 looked like Terrence and Phillip's Thanksgiving.

  2. Am I the only one who noticed Will had fingernails in Panel 4?

  3. i like that the cranberry sauce is can shaped

  4. Thanks for the explanation, appreciate it!

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