#208 – ghost-punk revival

15 thoughts on “#208 – ghost-punk revival

  1. lol, is that guy in the top hat suppose to be KC Green??

  2. sh0tybumbati, that's exactly what I thought!

  3. haha. my 1st thought too 🙂

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that!

  5. There's way more webcomic personalities than just that; I count at least Jeph Jacques, R. Stevens, and Kris Straub.

    1. Below the "I can see the rooftop!" speech balloon, that may be Kate Beaton.

      In other news, the catguy being offended by the catgirl amuses me.

  6. Is that Piro in the cat ears?

  7. Pranas? o.O from inkdick?

  8. Cameos: Jeph Jacques, K.C. Green, Rene Engstrom, Jon Rosenberg, Kate Beaton, Steven Cloud, maybe Andrew Bell, maybe Aaron Diaz. The only one I can't figure out is the dude in the cow costume (I want to say Ryan North, but I could be way off).

  9. I believe the giraffe (cow) guy is Josh Lesnick

  10. I am so delighted by the "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" reference. Though my first thought was the "Sour Cream and Other Delights" album by the Frivolous Five. (look them both up on google, to get the full idea)

  11. Wait…does that dog have a glorious mustache?

    1. Why yes, I do believe it does. Thank you for pointing that out.

      Also oh wow a comment from less than a year ago! Hello, Edward (that is Edward, right?)

  12. Ive read octopus pie so many times from start to finish and I always think its a crying shame marigolds costume isnt better appreciated. I just remember my dad having that album really distinctly.

    1. I've picked up a couple copies of that album. It's a classic.

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