#203 – doggy phil

I think this was the first page where me and the inking brush really started to mesh. My strokes were more confident, and I was able to achieve something closer to the pencils I'd set out with. It really didn't take long. All I had to do was humiliate myself in front of an audience for a bit. Recommended!

6 thoughts on “#203 – doggy phil

  1. Besides being manipulative, Olly is…bi-polar? I'm trying to put a term on his high-low tendencies.

    1. He’s just melodramatic. Bi-polar disorder is a medical condition, it’s not appropriate to use it in this case and can be considered offensive or hurtful.

    2. Totally IMO, but I think he's just Italian-ish. Everything is either amazingly good or catastrophically bad, and add that to a complete lack of restraint and you've got someone who's all over the map as things happen. Bipolar does not shift this fast.

      1. But he's from Puerto Rico (or at least his mother is).

      2. Worth mentioning: I have an aunt who's bi-polar, and, while he doesn't really qualify, I struggle to come up with a term for his antics.

      3. It's called being a small business owner.

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