#201 – the big time

10 thoughts on “#201 – the big time

  1. Jumpy. Castle. Pumpkin. Dodgeball.

    That, ladies and gentleman, is what I hope to find in the afterlife.

    1. It's called Valhallah, and I promise it is real.

  2. "Pommes Frites" is German for French Fries.

    ~Your loyal reader who's currently living in Germany ^_^

    1. Actually, that's what they're known in French. :B

      /took French for two years

      1. Hahahaha! That made me laugh because you were right X3

  3. I did a fist pump on each syllable of that last part. I might start saying that quote to people who won't get it. Always nice to throw 'em off guard

  4. He's too ambitious for her, he won't be satisfied and she'll feel too pressured.

  5. "We're calling it Ollyween"


  6. I don't get it. What's the Big Top?

  7. Circus

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