#185 – nerflings

Vomiting in your mouth a little bit was such a pervasive and annoying trope the year I wrote this. If someone said this it was a RED FLAG! Do not fuck!

6 thoughts on “#185 – nerflings

  1. I loved what you did with that trope. I still quote 'my heart just broke in my mouth a little bit'.

  2. It still is an annoying trope and red flag.

  3. More double entendre from this arc: "Blochus of Cochus". Also, for those who don't know what "tulta munille" means, do look it up…I promise it'll be worth it.

    1. If that's their battle cry, they either failed to live up to it in the previous comic, or their aim is really bad.

      1. No you see they didn't have to aim in this particular case to absolutely destroy Will's necessity to use his in the future.

  4. Can't tell if I love or hate that little shit with the hat…

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