#183 – happens to the best of us

The dudes making kissy-faces on the windows are meant to be Park's bro-y college friends. We never actually see them, it's just implicit that he has a separate life from all this. Does he, though?

4 thoughts on “#183 – happens to the best of us

  1. To be fair does any of the cast, except maybe Hanna's friend who's a jerk?

  2. Well, it implies that Park has other pressures on his life that aren't just his interactions with Eve and her friends.

  3. Marek looks so pleased that he was able to get back to the car with the coffees still hot. It's my headcanon that he ran back and forth several times, has chugged all the coffees himself because Eve is too distracted to care (and also secretly too much of a coffee snob to want those coffees), and each trip gets faster the more caffeine he ingests, to the point where he becomes a Marek-shaped blur of light on later coffee trips.

  4. Marek is such a sweet heart, I’d love to give his goofy grin having ass a hug.

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