#180 – story of my life

Will's temper management is a long road that begins here, in a bar.

8 thoughts on “#180 – story of my life

  1. Wait exotic?

    1. it actually says idiotic! just a bit hard to make out

    2. Idiotic so and so

  2. Oh, Aimee. You deserved so much better.

    1. Aye, Aimee was the “one who got away” from Will, the one with whom he might've been very happy had he met her once he'd dealt with the things he needed to, but instead ended up as an unhappy ex (though she did provide the final nudge to push him in the direction he needed to go, and obviously things turned out SO much better for Will…my headcanon is that Aimee met a nice double-bass player soon after splitting with Will and is now happier than she’s ever been…)

  3. It's awesome how long this thread lasted.

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