5 thoughts on “#17

  1. What a lovely soft punchline 🙂 Get some support, Eve!

  2. "Reality is easier to modulate than … [fill in whatever affects you rn]" – the truth about too many things.

  3. I love how it dawns on her in that last panel… that gwen disappeared from their friends circles just like she's feeling herself disappear.

  4. *makes mental note to make time to hang out with friends that have babies*

  5. I don't think I've been able to relate to any other relationship comic as much as I do with this particular strip. We're currently on our third piglet and almost none of our friends have kids (at least none that lives close by), so it feels like everyone has faded away or simply cannot understand why we're never coming out to party anymore. Video calls can only do a fraction of what a real meeting can, and then one still has to have time to call when everyone else are not busy with their own stuff. It's like my entire past seven years in eight panels.

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