#139 – desserting

Did Reddit seem a little more like a subculture in 2008, and less like a general purpose place to discuss an interest? Redditors occasionally still catch wind of this comic, but I think it said a lot more about Greg back then.

3 thoughts on “#139 – desserting

  1. I miss the subculture-y feeling of the internet. Now it feels more like an extension of real life than it used to. Oh how I long for the days of being able to escape to my niche little forums and IRC rooms. Do they still exist?

  2. the associated subculture is more "raving misogynists" than just "geeks and nerds" like it was 10 years ago. time flies! thank god greg grows out of his incel phase pretty quickly.

  3. Yeah, in 2008 they had just invented user-made subreddits.

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