#13 – where to begin

5 thoughts on “#13 – where to begin

  1. Okay I finally get heterosexuality just a little bit. He’s like, this dark presence jolting her out of the domestic norm. Ooooooh.

    1. god bless you, this is such a weird take

      1. It’s always so weird to watch (presumably non-heterosexual) people like ribbit acting like heterosexuality is some strange, disturbing, unnatural thing to be held up with tongs and looked at warily, like it’s not the basic foundation of, y’know, human society and evolution. An odd take indeed.

  2. Imagine thinking that the world is made of pudding @ take a sec. “””Heterophobia””” is so fucking different dynamics wise that it’s not even comparable. Please don’t be obtuse, I BEG of you!!! 😀

    1. I call it “asymmetry”, and you’re right of course. That said take a sec didn’t call it ‘heterophobia’, just saying he’s bewildered by a take that looks at the mundane as alien. But what they seem to have missed though, is that ribbit literally just gained an insight through this strip (and a sexy one, too). There wasn’t any need to be defensive about it methinks

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