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One thought on “#11

  1. Hi, Meredith. Kinda random that I’m commenting on this post specifically, but I noticed that there weren’t any comments and wanted to leave one.

    I started reading Octopus Pie about 14 or 15 years ago, I must have been about 12 years old. I loved your comic so much (and still do). With the naivete of a kid, I always fantasized about how cool it must be to be in my 20s, to be a hipster amongst hipsters and to live a life full of passion and drama – kinda silly dreams. I fell off reading OP in about 2012, and didn’t return to it until 2018, maybe a year or so after the main run ended. That’s how I found out about Fire Eye’d Boy by BSS (now one of my all-time favorite song), and how I got a sense of closure about all my favorite characters.

    I’m 27 now. I found out about the two epilogue stories about a week ago, read them both, reread the whole main run here on the site, and now I’m rereading the epilogues for good measure.

    Being in your 20s is such a weird time, and I don’t know if I have much else to say besides thanks for presenting such a brutally honest and tender depiction of me, my friends, and the whole basement-full-of-buddies experience of being a confused 20-something. I’ve been reading this comic since I was a kid. I got to live through some of the stories you told, and I’m only realizing it now. Your storytelling is providing me with a lot of solace now that I’m Marigold getting a big girl job, now that I’m Will and Eve falling into domestic bliss with someone whom I love deeply, and now that I’m still sometimes Hanna taking a vacation day to get stoned af and smash my head through a painting.

    Thank you for making something so beautiful. I know I really needed it.


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