#104 – like a chump

It's all very tidy that America Jones has been holding onto the skates. Like, Pixar tidy. Don't ever ask me to write like that again.

5 thoughts on “#104 – like a chump

  1. At this point I thought it was supposed to be that she was a satire villain. In fact it's kind of terrifying to think that she might have been intended as a serious villain because I'm afraid that someone like her could really exist.

  2. Wow. I never even saw this when it ran originally (I was in a fog of child rearing) and recently ran across it on the second or third day of being republished. (With a title like Octopus Pie I was sure to click on it.) Now, it is a small but cherished part of my online day. Thanks!

  3. Hannah flipping the bird from her lil bucket.

  4. LMAO, can’t believe I never noticed Hannah flipping off one of the goons all this time. Good turtle.

  5. Eve, panel 4: "I was so little" 🙁

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