#102 – pain

15 thoughts on “#102 – pain

  1. Been reading for ages, but I still come back to see this strip. I love little eve's hocky face.

  2. Friday the 13th – Pre-K

  3. She's so happy!

  4. Now I gotta wonder, is the smiley face drawn on the mask, or is she emitting such powerful glee waves that they are actually capable of molding the mask to suit?

  5. Ah, read all the way up to here throughout the course of a day. LOVE little Eve, LOVE her! So cute.

    Really digging the comics.

  6. This one really got me to laugh- I love how happy/ excited Eve looks as she and her dad are getting fixed up. xD

    1. Yeah the expression on little Eve's face always makes me grin 😀

  7. I love lil tough Eve! For outpussying her dad.

  8. Love this comic! the last panel is hilarious. shouldn't Eve's dad be happy since he wanted a son?

    1. That's likely Mrs. Ning's version of events. One of the great advantages of getting a divorce is that you can blame anything you don't understand about your kids on the ex.

  9. No matter how many times i read this page, i still crack up at the sheer glee on her face while playing hockey.

  10. LOVE that last panel. Priceless.


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