#100 – no reason

I kind of assume cab drivers when Eve was a little kid had that Jerry Seinfeld helmet of hair. Seems about right?

13 thoughts on “#100 – no reason

  1. I like Eve's dad.

  2. I love that you use grawlix for the angry man but just go all-in on the F word with baby Eve. It makes the contrast between her cute baby face and the cussing even funnier.

  3. Wait, is that cussing man Olly??

  4. We never learned her Dad's name, did we?

    Eve Ning, Mor Ning, Dawn Ning.

    Is it Ray? Ray Ning?

  5. I really like Eve's dad's willingness to answer Eve's questions both thoughtfully and seriously. His self-awareness is neat too.

  6. I knew that keeping OP in my bookmarks was a good decision! I hadn't notice the reruns until yesterday, but I already caught up and it's been great.
    About this strip… I always thought the cab rider was a younger Olly, to be honest.

  7. I love "Mmm.. no. Your mom has plenty of reason" I feel like a lot of men would not aknowledge that most moms do. I love tiny Eve as well. Well, I love the comic in general and I really missed it, so this rerun is making me really really happy 😀

  8. I always assumed that was young Ollie cussing out the blond dude.

  9. Ok this is all nice but no one yet has asked the real question. Is there really a Batman villain called Mr. Hitler? Did she mean the Riddler because of so shame pre-school Eve. Oh dare you not know you fantasy trivia better.

    1. I think Mr. Hitler was originally Captain America's nemesis.

  10. I love how this strip circles back to the "duck duck goose" flashback. Little Eve wasn't trying to be profane, she just thought Little America Jones was being mean for no reason!

    1. Omg, I never made that connection until now. WHY AM I SO UNOBSERVANT.

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