#068 – shallow

These pages are in sepia because they're in the past! Historians categorize this era as the early 2000s.

6 thoughts on “#068 – shallow

  1. ah, back before we had the term "gaslighting"

  2. Man, Eve was such a doormat back then!

  3. ah, yes, Snob Nose

  4. I never really thought about how James was eve’s rebound after park. No wonder she’s so sad and vulnerable.

    1. Damn! Totally didn't realize that either. Puts a lot in perspective.

  5. i'm really grateful that i had this comic all thru high school. i'm embarrassed to admit that i've dated a few ppl like james, but your comics gave me the courage to stand up for myself & to hightail it if they talked about their feelings like this (which isn't so much talking as it is conditioning his partner to keep their worries/doubts to themselves & flip the script so suddenly they're comforting instead of confronting). thank you Meredith, for making this and giving great lessons of what relationships SHOULDN'T look like <3 teen me is really thankful for the examples <3

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