#055 – adventure toobz

4 thoughts on “#055 – adventure toobz

  1. loved the reprise of her legendary acts

  2. These aren't the legendary acts. This is everyday for Eve. Her quotidian churn is made legend by circumstance only. She swims rivers every day. She saves birds and endures fog brained room mates every day. The mocking, sticky-faced fuckspawn of poor parenting ever antagonizing through the plumes of diesel smoke as she battles the city its self just to make it to a job where she is expected to turn water into organic, hand (foot) pressed, locally fermented, morally marketable wine (By the way, you were late this morning)? That's just another Tuesday; Thanks for playing.

    I might well be completely wrong.

  3. In the third panel the little kid smiling and staring at Eve reminds me of the kind of thing I used to do when I was little just watching random people from a window smiling outrageously

    1. Did you lick the window also? I believe they have a word for that. . .

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