#047 – meaningless

See, she's shallow too! That makes it okay. Years ago a friend passive-aggressively likened this comic to the end of an Animaniacs cartoon where the villain "goes crazy" and runs away with their arms flapping. We haven't talked since.

8 thoughts on “#047 – meaningless

  1. I'll be honest: I never quite understood this one.

    1. Eve is acting totally weird (because of her duck epiphany) and anyone would be justified in saying "What the fuck?" in response to her behavior. But James's new girlfriend didn't even notice how Eve was acting because she was too busy judging her outfit. Ironically the same sort of shallow judgment that caused Eve's mental break / duck epiphany in the first place.

      1. Her inner duck, and Hannah & Marek's plan for a duck pond, reappear during Occupy Wall Street:

    2. What's to get? Eve ran into her ex and his new girlfriend, acted kind of awkward, the end.

      1. Ahhhh, thought it was more complicated than that, and I'd just missed the joke. In particular, I've never understood Eve's reaction. I get the thing where she's about to throw a book at him, but the rest of her reaction never made sense to me.

    3. She channed her inner duck, following what hannah had told her

  2. The fact that a throwaway line by Marek gets brought back as a punchline in what at the time probably wasn't an everyday update schedule (I only started reading OP in the very last year of it's run so I wouldn't know) is what's killing me here.

  3. My favorite part about this strip is Eve’s ex’s face in the last panel. It’s like a weird combination of amusement and wistfulness.

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