#040 – you guys suck

Around here we get some more permanently chunky lines. I was messing with varied tone textures as well, which ended up being a moire-patterned pain in the butt when it came to printing. And also kind of arbitrary!

6 thoughts on “#040 – you guys suck

  1. You can't duck the side-eye prude lady.

  2. what an insufferable lady, I'd be angry too

  3. I love that the duck is every bit as disgusted with the lady as we are!

  4. Hey look, it's BBQ Becky's ancestor.

  5. I never understood this one. Hanna just demonstrated that what she's doing is entirely legal. Who cares if that lady calls the police? White chicks don't get arrested for "making a scene", and even if they did, all Hanna has to do to spite this woman is calm down.

    Even if Eve and Marek were right they'd be WAY overreacting–all Hanna would need to do is put on a shirt OR leave. No need whatsoever to force her to do both.

    1. Late reply!

      I think the point is that Hanna is angry enough that she might have gotten into a physical altercation? Even if she disrupted the woman from calling the police, she'd get in a lot of trouble later after being ID'd.

      That was my interpretation, at least.

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