#038 – creeping people out

A 2nd Captain Beefheart reference already! Pretty sure I faithfully followed up on this exact tattoo for the run of the series. Lemme know if somewhere I've faltered.

6 thoughts on “#038 – creeping people out

  1. It's probably for the best that the tattoo artist misheard Hanna. I imagine the artist would have gone for a literal interpretation of the words, and she'd end up with a cow's heart wearing a captain's hat.

  2. I find it incredibly funny that the tattoo artist apologized under the tattoo. Was that after Hanna realized that the guy did it wrong or was he really ashamed and got ahead of it by immortalizing his apology?

  3. thenextprescottniles

    Spelling it "Hana" was when I knew I loved this comic

  4. Gotta love that weirdly expressive duck that's excited about hotdogs too.

  5. In the last panel: Hanna, Marek and Eve all being themselves in the purest form.

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