#023 – stunningly funny

Olly was based heavily on an old Brooklyn landlord, who wore this shirt on the regs. When I moved into his house it was hard for my roommate and I to convince him we weren't in a secretarial pre-marriage phase of our lives, and I think that bled into Olly's manner as well. For at least a while, he wasn't quite clear what Eve needed a job for.

5 thoughts on “#023 – stunningly funny

  1. "Take a product no one wants, convince them they want it, and sell it at a premium."

    This explains how Olly is married.

  2. When did it change to Organix?

  3. Best guess on the shirt: "Lost my number / Can I have yours?"
    At least, this definitely seems like something you could get at target in the mid-aughts

  4. Is it just me or does Olly look *way* younger in the first few pages?

  5. Olly is such a doppelganger (in both appearance and attitude) to my old boss that I've had friends make the comparison unprompted. They both exude a chaotic mixture of stubbornness and "the world is out to get me" attitude that turn day-to-day employment into an emotional roller-coaster.

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