#002 – the break-up

3 thoughts on “#002 – the break-up

  1. Breaking up on the phone? That guy calls himself a real man?

  2. I would punch him in the kidneys, though I took being broken up with over the phone reasonably well, nothing a tube of ice cream and stomach pains can't fix

  3. When I first read this comment, I thought the worst thing was to break up over the phone or text.
    But, now that I have done it, it is not always the cowardly way out. It took me 4 in-person break-ups and a marriage proposal to kick the guy out of my life. After reading this comic so many times, I have way more sympathy for Eve's ex. He was just trying to end something that wasn't working and is a bit dumb and blurted it out. Was it all planned? Maybe. But it was for the best.

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