Spring Interlude

Hi all. I've been recalibrating since the last story arc - catching up on post-travel work, sending out the book (CURRENT STATUS: PRINTING), finishing up some freelance, and writing the next story. This is an illustration I've been working on for an upcoming event. More about that soon!

12 thoughts on “Spring Interlude

  1. Hey, Eve's got a "We Are Happy To Serve You" coffee cup!

  2. What a mystical world they live in! That guy's getting his cigarette lit indoors! 'Round here you're not legally supposed to smoke within 3 meters of a doorway/window/air vent…

  3. I love how the atmosphere is captured in places like this 🙂

  4. What sort of shop/restaurant is this that allows and encourages smoking?

    1. The guy behind the counter is just demonstrating that the lighter works. Just good bodega etiquette.

    2. Most likely a drug shop but idk

  5. I would love a print of this.

  6. What happened to 10 pages a month?

    1. There have been 8 so far this month. I’m a little behind from work/travel, but I’m catching up. Why so snarky?

      1. 4/4, 4/7, 4/14, 4/19. 4/22, 4/27, 4/29. That's 7. I count 8 in March, 5 in February.

        I don't know exactly when you hit your first Patreon milestone goal, which promised "at least" 10 pages a month. So maybe I am out of line.

        Probably most people don't care, and are happier to get "more", whatever that winds up being.

        1. Some of those updates are double pages. March was the first Patreon month — by my count I drew 10 full pages.

        2. Dear Fred,

          If you've pledged to support the author & artist of this webcomic, and you're dissatisfied with the return of your investment– just bear in mind that this is all an enormous one-person-effort. No editor / manager / inker / co-writer.

          It's certainly not true that people don't care. But if you just want to get what has been promised to you, it never hurts to ask nicely. : )

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