#546 – a bad woman

I'd like to hear the psychoanalysis behind label peelers. There's something to it. What does it tell us about how things will turn out in Eve's night? A lot, I feel, but I'm not qualified to connect the dots.

5 thoughts on “#546 – a bad woman

  1. A long time ago (but before this specific strip originally ran), I was getting a drink with my girlfriend at the time, and she said to me "You know what they say about people peeling beer bottle labels, right?" I had never heard of this concept before, but I never forgot it. I remember grinning when this strip came up because it was telegraphing what Eve had already been laying down two strips prior.

    In my practice now, I find that those folk aphorisms are what clients connect to most, more than theory or rhetoric.

  2. I'd never heard of this beer bottle label peeling thing before but going through this arc again kinda makes me wish we had ended up seeing more of Don down the line. He was a fun character and his chemistry with Eve was pretty interesting.

  3. In my last year of college, I got a drink with a professor who spent the entire hour absentmindedly tearing WHOLE COASTERS into bits. He had the makings of a small fire by the time we left.

  4. Eve’s eyes in panel five are too cute.

  5. In the 80s we used to call a peeled beer bottle label a ‘virginity’ and it was a status symbol to have one’s ‘virginity’ ‘intact’ by not leaving any of the printed bit behind on the bottle. I don’t know if that’s still a thing.

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