octopus pie mongo minis vol. 1 (part 2)

I'm off to San Diego! See you all there. Remember, booth 1335. I'm possibly making a few last-minute mini comic versions of the Mongo Minis. So if you're at the show, ask me about that! They will be cheap. Safe travels!

28 thoughts on “octopus pie mongo minis vol. 1 (part 2)

  1. tee hee at the second one my god

    1. I want those paired t-shirts and a druggie friend to wear them with. 😀

  2. Not sure why these are so funny, but I can't help but crack up.

  3. Marek's dilemma is that he has no eyes.

    1. Marek has three eyes. Two always show a sunset scene, one is in the middle of his forehead and says POW.

      1. honestly i've forgotten where to look for the page ( with marek's wonderful eyes actually shown!)

        sunset 😀 he-he.

        seriously i've been rereading and i can't find it!!! WHERE ARE HIS EYES!

      2. you ajna cracked me up.

        thx 4 the lulz!!

  4. Poor Marek. I have that problem all the time 😛

  5. heh thats silly…I just finished watching a youtube of The Kings of Convenience doing an interview for some music show, and at the end of the video one of the guys said in such a dorky way “Hugs not drugs” with his halting accent 😛

  6. I feel for Marek. We’ve all been there.

  7. That last one in particular is brilliant.

  8. You can tell a crispy chicken man by the richness of his beard. Most wait staff know this.


    1. This is entirely true, i have a fairly impressive beard and love me some crispy chicken

  9. "Marek's Dilemma" needs a third panel where there's just a skeleton sitting at the table and the now-aged waitress is screaming "MAKE UP YOUR MIND!"

  10. the fact that Marek loves pad thai as much as I do makes me happy in my insides 🙂

  11. I liked the second one 😀

  12. Haha, these were awesome. I love short punchline comic sometimes and yours are great!

  13. Marek and I have shared the same dilemma!

  14. Marek definately should go with the Crispy chicken pad thai. I've had their Pad Thai with Crispy Chicken, and it's not very good.

  15. This time I like all 3 so much I can't choose a favorite. 😀

  16. (sigh) If only we could peel letters off our shirts and stick them to the shirts of others. What a world this would be.

    Also, the first comic made my brain hurt for a second.

  17. If i could switch letters on shirts, I would get in a ton of trouble 😉

  18. Haha, I like the first one a lot! The third went way over my head at first. It also made me VERY hungry. That's what you get for sleeping for about fifteen hours (Been awake for about two hours now, it is past five PM here) and not eating. Guh, I want Oriental food.

  19. bahahahaha!!

    All three are pure gold!!

    Last panel is the second one is particularly funny… The look of contentment is awesome

  20. If only you were 2 booths down, then you'd be the 1337 booth… 😉

    Love the first strip. Louise saying "Sweet!" cracks me up so much for some reason

  21. Second needs to be on a shirt. Definitely.

  22. Hahaha, Booth 1335…2 from 1337 xDD

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