corn pops

I'm on vacation, so please """enjoy""" this placeholder text until I'm home! I'll go back and retro-comment on this page, then.

8 thoughts on “corn pops

  1. This comic is making me want Pops

  2. I see Marek also subscribes to Hannah's liberal property policies.

  3. Eve can read Marek's mind when his thoughts are loud enough, like here.

  4. I think you can tell this is filler because there's no number — the comic before is 339 and the one after is 340. Even though it is critical character development for Marek.

  5. man, I fucking love Pops

    1. I can't hang with their commercials. They come off as panic attacks and are traumatic to witness. I get anxious and then angry just thinking about it. On the other hand, I guess the common tropes of generational conflict and the long-suffering teenager, misunderstood and surrounded on all sides, were well-realized and memorable.

  6. its been a year mer, and we've still got placeholder, I want to know the pops lore!

  7. we never found out the pops lore… one of life’s great mysteries

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