#997 – the dreamers

At some point I did have a more redemptive arc in mind for Julie, but as the series (and my life) progressed I felt more deeply that people don't always land on something satisfying, that some will forever nurse a particular time in their life, and the world will leave them behind. Which isn't to say Julie is destined for misery - but she'll probably keep circling some truths about herself without ever landing on them, and that frustration will manifest in visible ways. As for Julie liking girls, that was always true, but I thought it was extra funny for Julie's sexuality to "follow" Jackie into this next stage, much to the latter's annoyance.

7 thoughts on “#997 – the dreamers

  1. Funny, because if you talk about the Dreamers today, folks know you're talking about DACA. We need more songs (and legislators, and judges, and executive-branch officers) dedicated to the Dreamers.

  2. I like how we're not even going to mention Marek walking in. We are determinedly not bringing it up.

    1. I imagine there's plenty of space for Meredith to talk about Marek on upcoming pages. Whereas Julie's scene basically starts and ends on this page.

  3. I'm sorry, I'm dumb and blind. Is Jackie one of Eve's old co-workers who might of had a different name last time we saw them?

    1. Jackie was Jacob before she transitioned.

      edit to add: and for what it's worth, I didn't figure that out until a bunch of commenters pointed it out during the original run, so you're not alone.

      1. oh wow I missed that too

      2. I thought so I just didn't want be like wrong… i feel EXTRA dumb for having missed it in the original run, because i'm trans.

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