#995 + 996 – call her back

I'll be exhibiting at MoCCA Fest in NYC on April 1-2! I'll have all 4 OP Image volumes plus some minis and B9 Kingdom books! As always you can bring stuff you'd like me to sign. Hope to see you there!

36 thoughts on “#995 + 996 – call her back

  1. I'm sorry to be dense but I forgot the context on her boss–can anyone clue me in? Thanks in advance Ocotpi-friend.

    1. passive aggressive boss demands everyone give her presents for her work birthday party. the work culture there is very fake friendly.

      this all happened right around they started dating if you can find it.

      1. She asked everyone to bring stuff for potluck, not presents.
        And she doesn't seem passive aggressive so much as just mildly intrusive.

        1. Nah, she was pretty passive-aggressive with that reminder of her birthday party and stuff. You can tell that all her small talk is just to make you think she's your friend, but she doesn't actually care. She's mostly using people for personal gain, even in this strip.

  2. Mar was totally wondering if it was going to be necessary to come out to her boss

  3. Fly away to blue skies, you crazy love birds

  4. Wondering if that side-eye in panel ten is Mar's boss noticing her, and wondering wtf she's doing mopping floors at a coffee shop.

    1. Yep, that was definitely a "something's up" glance.

      1. I took it as more of a "I'm going to tell everyone how GREAT you guys are! (No I'm not actually)" kind of look

    2. I'm worried that she's gonna fire Mar for moonlighting.

      1. People get fired for that?

        The idea that a company can tell you what you can and can't do when you are NOT on their clock astounds me.


    1. Well, based on her expression in Panel 3, she's got a good idea for someone who could come in and take some shifts for Jane. I wonder what recently-unemployed friends she might know who have barista experience?

  6. Mar and Jane in panel two is just <3

  7. where would you even find frog cum at that hour

    1. In the Octopus Pie universe, most cafes stock frog cum.

    2. LordOfMurderMountain

      A. Hejja, asking the real questions.

  8. that feel when you realize your boss is just out there in the world, being a weird entitled jerk to everyone "under" them, not just you.

    1. She seemed grateful here though? Apologized repeatedly too.

      1. I got the feeling it was one of those "I'm gonna steamroll you and get what I want by pretending to be remorseful so you can't be outwardly annoyed."

      2. Nope. That right there was a textbook example of "I am going to be SUPER RUDE and inconsiderate and pretend that being apologetic will make it all better". I'll bet you lots of money that she asks people for "Real quick, real tiny" favors that end up being huge pains in the ass.

      3. apologies are meaningless if you don't tip. 😉

  9. Ha, of course Mar's boss would a barista's nightmare.

  10. Next time I'm in a coffee shop and order a latte I'll ask the barista to "hold the frog cum." If she laughs I'll know she reads your strip.

    1. if she doesn't laugh you're gonna creep her out like woah

  11. If OP is ever animated as a series I really hope Sarah Silverman voices Mar's boss.

  12. What the fuck, Mar's boss? Don't ask to get your card stamped when you didn't pay full price for your damn latte! We're living in a society here!

  13. RUDE. Does she realize how much of a douche she is? Probably not. I had a boss like that. So sorry Mar >.<

  14. never have I seen such an accurate depiction of the last customer of the day

  15. I like how – just coincidentally!! – Marigold's hair goes right back up when her boss is around.

    1. I thought that too at first, but I think Mar was just putting up her hair before she started cleaning.

  16. "OK guts, we're short-staffed here. Somebody's gonna have to 'milk' the frog tonight!"

  17. Mar's boss doesn't seem so bad to me… sure, she was being a shit, but she apologized and said thank you a billion times.

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