#978 – powder keg

Guys, I am sorry - I know many of you check faithfully every day, and these hiccups are an irritant. I'm almost done, after all! It just worked out that I had a chance to see my loved ones in the middle of a pandemic, in the eye of the hurricane, and I've abandoned just about everything else to that end. I do appreciate you sticking around while I do this thing.

A few things being revealed in Jane & Don's relationship: he is older than her, but she is nonetheless leaving him behind. His constant wavering between the idealistic and nihilistic has become unbearable. Jane is trying to make sense of life as it happens, and Don's projection of his own experience - right or wrong - is repellant. She needs to go it alone.

10 thoughts on “#978 – powder keg

  1. I feel like Don evolved a lot, as far as secondary characters go. He didn't seem nearly this cynical back during the Itch You Can't Scratch (http://www.octopuspie.com/2012-01-15/503-scratches/) or Just Be Cool Already (http://www.octopuspie.com/2012-05-30/538-union-station/) story arcs. Maybe shaving his pencil mustache just soured him on life?

    1. Anyone got the link to the 2nd-pass-around for "Just Be Cool"? I'd love to reread Meredith's commentary on Eve's relationship (such as it is) with Don.

  2. Obsessed with that speech bubble behind the door

  3. Hans Øvland Tjelle

    Guys. Be pros. Don't check in everyday. Use piperka.net 😀

    1. For realz. I'm using Feedly. RSS ain't dead.

    2. I still think RSS is absolutely perfect for following webcomics. But everyone declared it dead when Google shut down the Google Reader client, for some reason. I use Feedly now. The feeds are all still there.

    3. Feedly for me (it ported easily from the dearly departed Google Reader)

    4. Nah, I like playing update roulette. There's just nothing like the RUSH of not knowing if Mer updated or not.

  4. Another slip-up like this and I going to demand my money back!

  5. I totally understand needing to see loved ones when you can at this time.

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