#974 – all those buildings

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  1. Fucking buildings, amirite?

    1. Can you imagine living in an ugly building like that? There can't be many people who'd choose to do that, I would imagine.


      Did that door just lock?

      1. To be honest, I don't think the kind of building that lets you hire out sunbathing spots is a "disadvantaged" kind of building. And it's established that Mar's apartment is fancy. I… kind of don't think we're supposed to be crying over her situation.

        1. Yeah, we're definitely not supposed to take this as Mar living in a beaten down place, which is why I was confused at her response. You'd be surprised how many people would actually rent a spot at a "disadvantaged" place just to gawk at (read: war/slum tourism, because people can be excruciatingly awful sometimes).

        2. I think maybe you missed the implicit " "'s that indicated that the snobby people were making that comment. …

  2. Buildings? In MY NYC!? It's more likely than you think!

  3. maybe the new buildings are nice too, sheesh

  4. Well that should help decide what to do about renewing the lease…

  5. Ah yes, the bane of cities everywhere: Buildings.

  6. Does the sign over the door also summarize Marigold's view of the situation?

  7. The awkward "I know how you feel, lemme hep a bit. Ahh, Now I slightly regret it" look.
    Also, the constant changing scape of the city is crazy. Old parts get replaced, new gaudy ones come in, sometimes only to be abandoned. All fall to the pursuit of convenience.

  8. How that hot coffee stayed contained in that cup and not sprayed over their entitled faces is beyond me.

    1. Mar's more of a deep breaths, this too shall pass kind of person than a felony mayhem and battery kind of person.

      1. Even she snaps sometimes, though.

  9. Do people in that city really need to book chances to have a view? I'm gonna go hug a tree and not let go.

    1. You think that's bad? Here in the Crappy Suburbs, we're willing to brave tolls, gridlock, lack of parking, and parking tickets you have to take out a second mortgage to pay for (or lose your license), just to look at a neighborhood with a modicum of character.

  10. Fuchs you building

  11. I really like Marigold with glasses- she feels more down to earth. Or maybe I just like it 'cause I wear glasses & find her relatable now 😉

    1. much more human than ruin-spa-day-for-elderly-women-animal-print-Marigold

      1. Or even hippie "I can make soap out of anything" Marigold. She's transcended the stereotypes and now she's just a lady tryin' to live her life.

  12. When you know it's time to leave New York…

  13. How can she be questioning renewing her lease with dat roof? She could always push entitled dumbasses over the side if need be–all those ugly buildings will be sure to break their fall.

    1. I just realized that those two probably think Marigold to be as entitled as they actually are simply because she lives in the building… whose roof they're renting to see the view.

      My head hurts.

  14. In all fairness to the question at the end: there are several VERY pretty apartment towers that I saw when I visited Vancouver a couple years ago–all of them empty. They were bought and built, and no one seems to be extremely interested in actually occupying them. Why, I could not tell you.

    1. A lot of those are actually owned by wealthy folks living in other countries – primarily China and other Asian countries – as vacation homes. In November they levied a pretty huge tax on owners of vacant condos to try and free them up and open new rentals since they're dealing with really high housing costs and high homelessness – http://fortune.com/2016/11/21/vancouver-vacant-pr

      1. I'd heard the owners were Chinese. That was all I knew, but wasn't sure about it, so I didn't mention it.

    2. In cities like New York and London those buildings are often technically at full occupancy because wealthy people from Saudi Arabia and China buy the apartments as real estate speculation, as a legal toe-hold in the country or just because they can afford to buy a whole condo for a week's vacation every other year. It's horrible because it drives up the cost of living in the area but the owners are rarely ever present.

      I sure hope that's not starting to happen in Vancouver and those buildings are just bad forecasting on the part of the developers.

      1. "starting to happen"
        shits been fucked for a while

      2. That's a kind sentiment, but yeah, like the other guy said… Vancouver's real estate market is the second hottest in Canada, right after Toronto, and it's not in a fun, good way.

    3. Lots of condos in Vancouver are empty because they were bought as investments only and not even rented out. There's an Empty Homes Tax in effect in the city now but not sure what the impact will be.

    4. It's a complicated answer, but partially boils down to foreign investment. Trust me, it's a hot topic around here.

      1. I regret that my brother got another job (he had been working for Lululemon and got a job with Adidas in Portland–which is also a pretty neat city). Vancouver was beautiful–if insanely expensive to live in.

    5. The Panama Papers found a looooot of links to the people who own that Vancouver property… which should tell you something about the situation over there.

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