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  2. Love how this comic can say so much without any word bubbles, just the artwork

  3. A marigold for Marigold.

    1. Whoa, I really missed that – I thought it was like fireworks going off.

  4. Gob Bluth voice – "BEADS???"

    1. "I don't think Gob's on board"

  5. At least there's no question about mindful crying.

  6. "Tell parents re: gay" was about the level of drama I had with it.

    My mom's answer was "yeah hmmm… I think I miscounted the dishes, would you go get two more?"

    My dad's answer was "Wh-" to which my sister interjected "I'm lesbian." It was a fait accompli, a blitzkrieg of the gay agenda. Outnumbered he just turned to look at the sole remaining sibling, who in the atmosphere of the moment had to come out as firmly straight to a skeptical family.

    1. What a Spartacus moment of sisterly solidarity! And I love the idea of flipping the "coming out" onto the straighties!

    2. That's beautiful. If we have to come out, so should they! Just kidding. Sort of. Anyway, my parents were like, "Oh. Well, that's fine."

    3. Kinda disappointed he didn't reply with "Hi Lesbians, I'm Dad."

    4. "A blitzkrieg of the gay agenda" is my new favorite combination of words.

  7. of course Marigold has a bullet journal:)

    1. I was going to say the exact same thing! ?

    2. A bullet journal AND a Chemex. XD

      1. I wonder if the chemex is Jane's though. I imagine her being in charge of the coffee in the house ?

        1. That's right! Jane is part of an elite coffee guild.

  8. *Cries mindfully.

    1. sweetmotherofmars

      I don't feel like I'm quite there… I mean, I have the crying half down…

      (SweetMoM, aka elebenty)

  9. "I don't normally get too political on here but recently-"

    Yeap, that's a fb status header that won't be going away soon.

  10. the colors on this are so beautiful (as always). y'all make a really good team <3 and I just fuckin LOSE IT over marigold having a bullet journal because it's the most perfect thing GEEZ

  11. Marigold is an inspiration. I can only strive for that level of monthly organization. (I've been trying to do it on and off for YEARS.)

    1. Look up Bullet Journals. I don't know if Meredith is making fun of us or not, but the technique is just culty enough to be self-sustaining.

  12. nancy fuchs liked 14 photos you were tagged in ( ?° ?? ?°)

    1. Presumably that's her mom, her last name being Fuchs and Nancy being a noted mom-name

  13. Wow, Marigold uses a Chemex brewer

    1. My kind of coffee snob!

  14. Did anyone else's heart sink at the question mark about the lease? Gran is so goddamn good at sublte storytelling.

    1. I assumed maybe she considering moving in with her girlfriend.

      1. More like girlfriend moving in with her, I hope. Don't you remember Jane's place?

    2. Nah, it was more of a thrum. Because maybe it means she and Jane will get a different place together!

    3. Why sink? That would say to me they are thinking of moving in together and she's questioning whether she should bother renewing the lease.

  15. Filling my schedule with question marks, the illusion of control, the delusion of freedom.

  16. I assume Nancy Fuchs liking all those photos meant the dinner with mom and telling parents I'm gay went well! Yay! ?

  17. Marigold not only started, but maintains, a bullet journal? Wow, she really is better than us.

  18. Jane's foot sticking out from under the covers is just making me go bonkers.
    It must be so cold…



  20. Oh I wonder what the colors mean… I'd guess red is mundane things, purple is unpleasant but necessary, and green is fun things. But it could be a totally different system. Knowing Marigold it definitely isn't random though. 😛

    1. That's the only thing that drove me a bit crazy. I tried to figure out what the colors meant and then had a sinking suspicion that maybe she just grabs a pen at random because some people are actually able to do that and I started to panic.


      I think you're right though — I'm so used to using black pen as mundane things and red being "unpleasant but necessary" that it's a trip to see other people's organization systems.

  21. "Nancy Fuchs liked you being gay"

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