#972 – well

Happy new year, my friends. Let's go on one more journey.

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  1. One more journey, eh? If this is the last of 'em, may I say that they've all been terrific, and I'm looking forward to the finale.

  2. God damn it, I can't believe we just got All Star'd.

  3. at first I was disappointed in myself for automatically going to Smash Mouth, but I guess the years start comin and they dont stop comin

    1. and they don't stop comin and they dont stop coming and they dont stop comin


      1. *slow fade-in of Shrek's horribly warped and poorly rendered face*

  4. I'm so glad Hanna cares about her frined. Forget Olly's; she's the fukken shit.

  5. SOME – The syllable of a generation

  6. Gah! Just…

    Just perfect. Ha.

  7. Goddammit!

  8. …The years start coming and they don't stop coming. 😀

  9. Ever since the fight I've been hoping for some sort of resolution between Hanna and Marigold, I hope this is a sign that it's coming

  10. Daaaamn…

  11. So did she invite Marigold and Marek or not?

    1. I assume the "click… click… send." was clicking Marigold, clicking Marek, and sending. They weren't checked off in the view we saw.

    2. She clicked twice, before clicking "Send". Let's assume she did invite them for now!

    3. That *click* *click* at the end makes me think she chose to add another person or two.

    4. I'd like to think the two "Clicks" before the "Send" indicate a change of heart (for the New Year, too!)

  12. I yelled "Oh my god" in a sarcastic way, and my SO knew I reading the Octopus Pie update.

  13. thistemporarylifeblog

    Oh my fucking god I FEEL SO FOOLED.

  14. "All star by smashmouth but every time a shop or relationship burns down it gets faster"

    1. If we include relationships, by this point the song would be at lightspeed.

  15. I was ashamed of my instinct to sing Smash Mouth after I read "Some.."

    Then Hanna helped to make me feel less alone.

  16. Truly, a song that encapsulates a generation.

  17. Two checkboxes.

    Two clicks.

    Did she fucking invite them oh my god!??

  18. Reading that 'some' immediately my mind went to all star and I'm so glad I wasn't disappointed in myself. Great start to the new year, I can't wait to see what happens next

  19. When your (best friend's) job is burned to the ground, your life needs a little bit of Jon Sudano

  20. You'll never know if you don't go. GO!

  21. I don't know what I'm going to do without this comic…I relate *so* much with Hannah and this has kept me sane throughout these past couple years… I guess I'll quit my job, steal an RV, and tour across the Americas? sounds good to me.

  22. What does it say about so many of us that we immediately started singing "All Star" after the 'some'?

    (probably just that it was over-saturated in every freakin' movie the three years after it came out, but yanno, going for insightful here)

  23. The perfect friend.
    Never change, Hanna.

  24. Whos Don Martin ?

    1. Jane's chill Barista friend that Eve almost hooked up with that one time but he turned her down because they were both a little too drunk and he didn't want it to be like that.

  25. Gosh, the wait was friggin WORTH IT! Epic way tó start off the year!

  26. trapdooralligators

    and i thought i was the only one who sang that version.

  27. Holy fuck Hanna is back!

  28. Your brain gets smart, while your head gets dumb; this lyric completely confused me as a kid. Now that I'm older, I finally understand that it's about growing up!

    Hanna's mending of bridges is definitely not dumb though. I like to think that you can't really burn them down completely.

    (Also, a big thank you, Meredith, for your marvelous, funny and heart-warming work!)

  29. I literally will never get over Marek and Hanna´s break up.

  30. so two small business owners in my town have attempted insurance fraud via arson in the last 3 years. i'm just saying, OLLY IS OLLY…

  31. I had to go back and reread it to see what she was doing on the computer – it didn't even register.

    Hanna's a great friend.

  32. Hanna's slapdash event naming and image choice tickles me greatly.

  33. My brain immediately went to All Star and I can't believe I was right for once.

    and now that song is going to be stuck in my head forever.

  34. It's been wonderful to watch Hanna grow into a more mature and easygoing version of the Hanna we all used to know and love.

    Thank you so much for every journey, Meredith.

  35. One more journey… it's been a joy getting to see these characters grow, your comic is, for sure, one of my favourites of all time. 🙂

  36. This song was stuck in my head for DAYS after reading this. This comic is perfect.

  37. Arlene's Grocery live rock karaoke. (heart) I feel spoiled that so much of English media is set in my backyard.

  38. One more? Oh gosh, don't leave.

  39. wait I'm almost caught up NOOOOOOOO

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