#962 – chapter 10

Hanna is confounded by the outline of her mother's life, seeing details that make no sense from where she's standing. Combine with the knowledge that Hanna isn't an exact copy of her mother, and charting a future by her mom's example seems like a total waste of time. Seeing her mother's health and marriage falter is like being spit out at square one all over again. But she's a little more humbled by that kind of thing now.

One thought on “#962 – chapter 10

  1. I never really thought about the proximity in time between the two but Hanna really had a rough time of it at the end of OP. First she has to deal with her own long-term relationship ending and then, just as she's building herself back up from all of that in a way that makes her happy, her parents' marriage starts coming to pieces.

    I'm glad that she learned to look inward rather than take on the role of director in all of her friends' lives. It wasn't her role to take, as has been stated, but her friends never called her on it either. She did a lot of growing on her own.

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