#941 – forget about work

It takes a near and urgent family crisis for Hanna to drop the work pretense, but she gets there. Hanna is almost taking on a mothering role herself, trying to protect Eve and Will's good time from the problem at hand. Is this a reluctant acknowledgment that their story, too, has some urgency?

4 thoughts on “#941 – forget about work

  1. not that anyone asked, but this page, and the other night time scenes from this storyline, are my favorite colors i did for the comic, for a confluence of reasons — around this time i had begun investing a bit more subtlety in terms of color saturation and the like, but also i was just working with some really good material, which gets you most of the way to good colors on its own. composition and color are super interconnected, and working on these more scenery-oriented panels from an artist with a more experienced and subtle touch than i had gave me a big leg up in refining my skills.

    these revisits have been a ton of fun to read!

    1. The lighting effect from the house window, and then the fireflies, catch summer on the water juuuust right.

    2. I agree this was some of our strongest collab on OP. I was energized by the work you were doing, and was focusing more closely on the rhythm and texture of my layouts. I'll always be grateful for the times we were able to make such leaps.

      Love to hear your thoughts on the reruns, and I'm sure others do as well!

  2. No one's mentioning the "prefaced joke" line, which I have to say I just love.

    I'm a huge fan of prefaced jokes myself–the trick is to preface it and then stall and be vague until the other person is distracted by something else, and then catch them off-guard with it when they aren't thinking about it.

    If you can swing that, the payoff is even funnier.

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